Widow’s Journey: Weepy

I had a weepy day today.

I’m not a cry-er, so my tears are unusual, though I do confess to being much more emotional since Chuck died.

I know why I was crying. I’m settling on our Canadian cottage this …


Widow’s Journey: Pictures

Rose, one of the blog’s readers, mentioned having a family picture taken on Easter Sunday and how incomplete it felt without her husband in it. It made me think of the picture my family took Sunday and no Chuck.

This …


Widow’s Journey: The Table

It’s a lovely post-holiday day, sunny and spring-y. It’s a wonderful day to remember that He is risen. He is risen indeed.

The family came for dinner yesterday. Ham with all the fixings. I always miss Chuck on occasions like …


Widow’s Journey: Simultaneously

“I learned to live and mourn simultaneously.”  -Jerry Sittser, A Grace Disguised

Isn’t the above quote what being a widow is all about? It’s living with the dichotomy of continuing everyday life in spite of the fact that that life …


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